Jake, a 22-year old man born with both the power to shrink to near-microscopic size and invulnerability, shrinks down to 1/2 an inch tall, and sneaks up on his openly bi-sexual girlfriend Jessica while she’s on the toilet in order to surprise her. Unfortunately, this plan fails, and he falls into Jessica’s butt unnoticed as she’s leaving and gets anal-vored. Now, Jake must travel through Jessica’s digestive system to get her attention. However, Jessica’s best friend and equally bi-sexual fuck-buddy, Darcy, comes over for some fun… at Jake’s expense…

Tags: giantess, shrunken man, anal vore, endo, full tour, bi-sexual, lesbians, rimming, strap-on, anal tonguing, unaware

Released June 18, 2018
15 pages + cover
Story by Stevie K.
Artwork by SednaStudio-Dai
This issue is part of the Endonaut series.

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