Getting Into the Food 2

Getting Into the Food 2
Getting Into the Food 2

After the group disappearance of Chef Ginger Barleycorn’s restaurant staff, investigators are trying to find out what happened to them, even as the chef works to continue her restaurant’s operations. Unfortunately, both the investigators and the new staff find out first-hand what happened to the missing people when they, too, get into the food... and someone wants them there...

Tags: vore, sizeplay vore, shrinking, beast vore, multiple victims, multiple predators, unaware, unaware vore, micro, digestion, shrunken man, shrunken woman, predator eats predator

Released March 04, 2021
15 pages + cover
Story by Mac Rome
Artwork by WantedWaifus
This issue is part of the Getting Into the Food series.

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