The Good Doctor's Promise

The Good Doctor's Promise
The Good Doctor's Promise

Dr. Desmond, an absent-minded magician, has been summoned to the mountain of Amarytha, a beautiful giantess and powerful witch to whom he owes a substantial favor. He ascends the mist-shrouded peak to the secluded cave of the giantess, apprehensive about her intentions, to find she has a shocking request: The good Doctor must enter her body to locate a precious artifact long-hidden inside her gut. Unable to refuse, Dr. Desmond has no choice but to allow Amarytha to swallow him alive, and trust her with his life.

Tags: giantess, vore, fantasy, femdom, endo, magic, body exploration

Released May 04, 2017
15 pages + cover
Story by Dr. Mouse
Artwork by Bokuman

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