Varsity Chews

Varsity Chews
Varsity Chews

Becky is the hostess of a cooking show on her university’s channel, and she specializes in guiding her viewers through methods of eating shrunken male students in the campus’ hot new trend. There are two problems in Becky’s world: hungry female students are quickly wiping out the stock of “volunteers,” and Becky’s boyfriend is anything but faithful. How will students continue to feed their new male-gobbling habits? How will Becky react when she finds her shrunken boyfriend, and how will she take the news that he’s a cheater? Everyone has something to gain, and a few tinies have everything to lose in 'Varsity Chews!'

Tags: Vore, shrunken men, size play

Released October 04, 2015
18 pages + cover
Story by Dale Tweedle
Artwork by Nekt

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