28 Vores Later

Aubrey coughed lightly as she breathed in some mushroom spores. Brent looked back at his wife as they made their way through the swamp.

"Are you okay, honey?" He asked before he too, inhaled and breathed in the spores. His eyes dilated before he spoke heavily, "…I must… find her," before he started to walk towards the source of the spores.

"Brent? Brent!!" Aubrey followed her husband through the swamp until they reach the source of the spores. A massive mushroom that was shaped like a woman from the waist up. At least that was what they thought before the “Mushroom” opened her eyes and smiled at Brent without saying a word; merely opening her arms to welcome him.

Brent walked forward, eyes still dilatated as she grabbed him. "Brent! Wait!" Aubrey coughs as she watched him step into the embrace of the Mushroom Girl. The mushroom girl licked her lips and brought Brent to her mouth before sticking him headfirst.

The Mushroom Girl moaned with pleasure as Aubrey raised her hands to strike the monster before suddenly stopping in her tracks, unable to bring herself to do anything.

"What's going on?" She asked herself, "Am I… Afraid?" Aubrey could only watch as Brent was swallowed alive, settling into a gentle bulge in the Mushroom Girl's stomach.

The Fungi(rl) burped and patted her stomach happily before glancing down at Aubrey with a smile. "A-are you going to eat me too?", Aubrey asked, trying to maintain a steady tone, her hand still balled in a fist.

"Oh, don't be ridiculous.”, the Mushroom Girl replied, "My spores entrance men to become my prey. But, since you're a woman... Well, you'll find out soon enough, I'm sure." She rubbed her belly as she waved Aubrey away who could only bring herself to obey the lazy command.

She shook her head as she considered the Mushroom Girl’s words. What did she mean by that? It didn’t take long for the realization to dawn upon her as another cough escaped her throat.

The coughing... She'd been infected.

She had to get back to the village and see the apothecary! He would be able to save her from this affliction. As she began rushing back towards her village, she began feeling light-headed and delirious. The symptoms had already begun. She was hot and sweaty from the trip, and her body sent her a signal to relieve herself of her clothing. She dropped them in the swamp, without a care and continued walking.

As she walked, she slowly began to forget important things about her life. Each step made another piece of her memory fade into darkness. The first thing to go was the memory of her infection; she still felt the determination to get home, but the reason for her urgency was gone from her mind.

The she began to forget the memories of her life as a human; friends, family, happy times, sad times… eventually her own name was lost to her and finally, she forgot that she was even human at one point in time.

Little mushrooms were growing from her body rapidly, much like the Mushroom Girl before her. By the time she had returned to the village, she was partially transformed and still determined to reach her home.

She stumbled through the village staring at the other humans that walked around, failing to feel any sense of identity with them. The poor girl finally reached the cottage that she identified as home and enters. She saw a strange woman in the house who began speaking to her in a concerned voice, calling her an unfamiliar name

“...Aubrey...? "Aubrey?"

Ingrid stared at Aubrey. She was completely nude with mushrooms sprouting from her body and a mushroom cap on her head. To say she looked sick would’ve been a gross understatement.

"Aubrey… Let's get you to the medic." The strange woman and took the amnesiac girl’s hand. The girl stared for several seconds before lifting her nose into the air and taking a deep breath.
Something smelled really good… What was it…? She continued to sniff slowly before her eyes landed on the source… The woman right in front of her… She smelled... so meaty.

The girl pulled the woman’s hand close to her face before giving it a big lick and the woman recoiled in shock and disgust.

She tasted really good…

So, the woman must be food!

The woman formerly known as Aubrey stuck the woman’s hand into her mouth while the woman tried to pull away.
"Aubrey! Stop!" Ingrid called out in a terrified panic before she was silenced by a hand over her mouth and began swallowing. The newly formed Mushroom Girl had a predatory strength that she had never displayed. She swallowed her woman’s arm in a few quick moments before she began pushing her head inside next.

The struggle was a long one but ultimately, there was nothing Ingrid could do. She was a human, and she couldn't' break free of a predator’s grip. Eventually, she was swallowed and with a quick gulp, she slid into Aubrey’s belly. Ingrid wriggled around inside of the stomach as Aubrey began to settle down, burping as she rubbed her stomach in a manner like the Mushroom girl that transformed her.

With prey in her stomach, the final stages of the transformation began to take its hold on Aubrey as her feet began to merge into branching mycelium that dug themselves into the soil under the house. Her body began to grow rapidly, until her head breached the roof of the house and she had to lift the remains of the cottage off herself to stretch her arms.

She had become a Mushroom girl, although her basic body shape was still recognizable as the woman who was Aubrey. She revealed herself to the entire village before letting loose a cloud of spores that would spread through the village, infecting all the village people around her and starting the cycle once again…

Story by Soroxas2
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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