A Better Way To Binge

Rize Kamishiro lay back against the wall of the ghoul cafe, rubbing her enormous belly with both hands as she moaned in ecstasy. The massive meal she had just partaken in squirmed madly, driving herself to the brink of madness with pleasure. Now immensely distended from the efforts of her meal, her belly was simply massive, jutting out onto the street, and almost twenty feet in diameter.

As she lay there, her smile almost as big as her stomach, she thought to herself how much better this method of eating people was. Her normal method was incredibly messy and tiring. Swallowing people whole was far easier, and far more satisfying than chewing up each and every person she wanted to eat. The feeling of them sliding down was... glorious.

She continued to rub her belly, lost in a state of euphoria and wondering how she would feel if she ate even more people.

Story by JackHere
Artwork by Jieun

High resolution (2550x3300)

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