A Donut's Adventure: The Stomach (continued)

Some time had passed since Aoba burped up a bit more than she bargained for, giving her a big surprise as she pulled the shaken and battered form of her friend, Hifumi, from her mouth. In a panic, Aoba cleaned her friend off, worried Hifiumi might be injured. Luckily, she only had a bit of irritated skin from the trip back up her throat. And so, time had moved on and Aoba was once again indulging in her bad habit of snacking before bed... leading to the current situation of Aoba sending more donuts down to join her two friends.

"Um, don't you think this is a little extreme?" Hifumi asks from the girl's shoulder, as Aoba eats her bedtime snack with a satisfied look.

"Are you sure? I do this all the time though!" Aoba mutters with her mouth full of food. "GULK!" A quick gulp from Aoba sends her mouthful downwards, creating a good-sized bulge in her neck. Hifumi blushes as the bulge appears, remembering how earlier she too was one of those bulges, sliding down her friend's neck, vanishing from sight as she slid towards the stomach.

"At least I'm no longer in her stomach." Hifumi whispers as the bulge vanishes from sight and journeys down to join her two friends. "I hope Yun and Hajime are alright."

Aoba continues to eat, which causes Hifumi to worry that her friends might not be too okay inside her friend's stomach. Aoba's body, as if answering her worries, lets out a small burp that rings inside Hifumi's ears. "Ohh... oh dear." She says, looking down in the direction of Aoba's gurgling stomach.

And rough it was going to be. Time had moved on since Hifumi had been "sucked" back up Aoba's throat. And the large donut island that they had been taking refuge on had shrunk a considerable amount, leaving the two girls with only enough space for the two of them.

"UGH! I wish I had gotten sucked up with Hifumi! Then I wouldn't have to be here with THIS idiot, about to get digested by my junior at work!" Yun shouts, looking down at the acid lake below them. More chucks of chewed up donuts arrived behind them. As Aoba had started eating again, the new waves of acid were making it difficult to stay on the donut island.

"Would you stop calling me an idiot! I told you we will be fine, didn't I?" Hajime snaps back (while also looking down with worry... which Yun catches).

"You said we would probably be fine! Does the redness of my skin scream fine to you?!" Yun shouts back, tears forming a little as she can't decide if she's scared or angry.

"Sor... sorry, Yun." Hajime says as she hugs her friend tighter. The stomach shakes around them from Aoba's small burp. Now the only thing the two can do is wait. Wait to see if they will meet the same fate as the donuts around them... or if fate will somehow allow them to survive this crazy ordeal!

Story by Macaroni
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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