A Knight of The Queen's Gut

Sansa, Queen of the North, had been dealing with a disloyal vassal near Winterfell. Hoping to solve the issue tactfully, she chose to involve Ser Brienne of Tarth on an unofficial level as a mediator. When the job was done Sansa had asked for Brienne to join her for a meal. Brienne, of course, accepted the generous offer. It wasn't until the Queen of the North had engulfed her head that Brienne realized that she was the meal. Sansa would wolf down the she knight, and let out a loud belch following her meal.

"BURRRRAPPPP!!! You were a great warrior, but a divine meal. The North thanks you for your service to an old friend." Sansa would sit in the hall and allow digestion to begin in all haste.

Story by AdamTheTease
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (2888x4384)

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