A Meal at the Beach

Angela was enjoying a day tanning on the beach. Her D cup breast clad in a hot pink bikini top. She was laying down on her towel when 2 teenage girls, one blond in a white bikini and another brunette in a black bikini, set up their spot right next to her.

Angela though nothing of it until the teens got loud and annoying, so she asked them nicely if they could keep it down. The girls gave her the middle finger and continued to be loud. Angela had her own way of dealing with brats like this.

She walked over to them and grabbed the blond one and stuffed her head into her mouth. The blond screams could be heard from inside Angela’s throat as she slid down into her. Angela’s favorite part about eating a girl was their breasts, she loved to tease her victim by rubbing their breasts with her tongue. This girl had a decent set of breasts that Angela guessed were DD and a nice plump ass to go with them.

As this woman devoured her friend, the brunette stood in fear unable to move. Once Angela finished the blond she licked her lips and turned towards the other girl.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see her again soon” she said as she grabbed the girl’s feet and shoved them in her mouth.

“Please stop, I don’t want to be eaten!” the girl said in tears.

Somehow able to speak clearly with the girl in her mouth “you should have listened when I asked nicely for you two to be keep it down”. Angela now had the girl’s whole body in her.

Once finished swallowing her stomach looked like she was pregnant with triplets “don’t worry, you two will be make a fine addition to my body” Angela said as she dozed off under her umbrella.

When she awoke she found her bikini had snapped due to the girl’s body mass being distribute over her body. She guessed her breast were now GG and her flat butt was now a plump ass bigger then Kim Kardashian’s with wide hips. With her stomach flat once again she focused on her tan.

Story by DeathlikeCoast2
Artwork by Altercomics-Churin

High resolution (7688x5527)

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