A Rogue Ending

Apocalypse attempts to destroy downtown New York but our beloved heroes the X-Men are hear to save the day. Rogue makes a last-ditched effort to help the team by touching the blob and apocalypse she steals apocalypse size size-changing ability to transform into a towering giantess. But then absorbing the blobs hunger she starts to go on her own rampage through the city swallowing the entire brotherhood of evil mutants and apocalypse along with his entire army. She lets out a huge belch as Magneto's helmet got stuck in her throat. Wolverine climbs onto her colossal stomach and calms her down "well, darling you saved the city you can stop eating now" She looks down at Wolverine and blushes, "my bad". She gets a load of cheers from the civilians in the area.

Story by MrSinister1990
Artwork by Gabriel Rearte

High resolution (5102x3701)

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