A Weekend Alone: Clarissa's Messy Snack

In an alternate timeline, when Clarissa visits Sarah and Neil lands on her cute, shiny, heart-shaped necklace... Neil unfortunately remains unnoticed.

Clarissa, all freaked out by Sarah, decides to go home with Neil still clinging onto the necklace for dear life. When she enters her house, she goes inside and decides to have a snack. Like Sarah, she always enjoys a nice bowl of Ray's potato chips with sour cream and onion dip. She opens the bag and dip and eats away.

Neil tries his best to stay on the necklace, but he eventually loses his grip and begins to fall. Luckily for him, he falls straight into the cushiony caverns of Clarissa's cleavage.

This, unfortunately, is where his luck runs out.

Right after he falls in and mentally recovers, he looks up to see a huge glob of dip coming his way. Neil tries to escape, but it is too late. The dip falls and envelops his entire body. He didn't think this day could get any worse... until he looked up once again to see a huge finger coming straight towards him.

Clarissa uses her finger to scoop up the glob of dip (with Neil in it) right out of her cleavage and, without thinking, instantly brings it to her mouth and sucks her finger clean, swallowing both the dip and Neil.

If only poor Sarah knew that her friend just ate her tiny boyfriend!

Story by Marcus Fenix
Artwork by Jieun

High resolution (2550x3300)

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