The fiery vixen slammed her booty backward, twerking and working her opponent's head into her valley of ass. Dancing competitions aren't normally so... cutthroat, but with the judge's being so enamoured with huge butts, it's best to just not gamble. Besides, it's against the rules to harm or hurt your opponent, but absorption doesn't hurt them. If you hurt them, you hurt yourself, because they are a part of you. So really, it's a totally legit tactic.

She clenched and grinned, getting this massive a pair of hips past her own (especially when they are larger than her own) may seem to be an insurmountable task. Grunting, her opponent's thighs begin to rapidly slide into the red head's dance rhythm, her struggling feet coming in not long after.

Rubbing the tattoo that recently formed on her astronomically sized booty and blowing away a purple bang, the clear victor licked her lips.

It's not like being trapped inside a person you hate and making them bigger, stronger, sexier, curvier, smarter and taking all of your stuff is a bad thing. You aren't gonna use any of that anymore.

Besides, it won't be that lonely. This was only the first round. There will be others to come. Plenty to keep you company.

Story by Steakhouse
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (2481x3508)

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