Always Read the Label pt 2

After devouring the spiked chocolate cake Hannah's apetite went into over drive as she put on her slippers and head to the kitchen and attacked the fridge, cupboards and anything that contained food. Munching at every morsel, letting out the odd moan. Everything she ate tasted amazing but was not filling at all. Soon all the cupboards were bare, the Fridge was empty as well as the freezer.

"I am starving," she said to herself patting her much larger belly as it rumbled in agreement. As she was pondering what to do next, her roommate Sylvia came in through the door.

"Hey Hannah, sorry for interrupting your date night, my date cancelled on me but to make up for it I got us a large pizza. You and John can share." Sylvia called out.

"PIZZA!?!" Hannah replied

"Yeah, I will take it to the kitchen if you want some.....Oof!" Sylvia said as she walked up to Hannah's huge belly. Hannah managed to grab the pizza before Sylvia fell onto her butt. Looking up, she was amazed at the size of Hannah who was eating the pizza whole.

"Hannah, are you okay? Sylvia asked.

"Mmmf, yeah I'm just famished" Hannnah said as she continued "Thish pissha is shook good"

"Glad you like it" Sylvia said with concern. But before Sylvia could continue to question Hannah on where John was or what happened in the kitchen, Hannah finished the pizza and was sucking her fingers and look concerned. "Oooooh, what was in that pizza?" Hannah groaned as her belly let out an ominous groan. "It not agreeing with me" "It.. uh..."

Sylvia tried to answer another loud groan came from Hannah's belly and seemed to be moving up her body as cheeks puffed out, Hannah let out a huge belch.

"Bwwooooorrrpppp!!!!!!!" "Phew! That's better" Hannah sighed but tha same ominous groan emerged from her stomach once more.

Story by Slapdash
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4500)

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