An Encounter with a Vore Fairy

Alex wasn’t the type of girl to do cheerleading, participate in fundraisers, or take part in sports. Rather, she was the type of gal one would find late after classes, getting in a smoke break, much like she was today.

Before she could get in a single puff, she was met by a small fairy, taking shelter inside from the cold. Feeling bad for the poor thing, Alex used her lighter as a tiny makeshift campfire, allowing the little pixie to warm herself up. The thanks she got was not what she was expecting.

After introducing herself as Sana, the fairy insisted she show Alex some gratitude, and the goth, after accepting, was promptly swallowed whole.

Upon being released, Alex felt a strange feeling on her chest, and after lifting her shirt to investigate, found that a new tattoo was the source. Along with the new ink, she felt a new, incredible feeling, one that she knew she just had to share with her friends…

Story by Recoome5555
Artwork by SednaStudio-Xue

High resolution (3300x5100)

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