Anti-Hero Hunger

After years of being called a villain by society, the alien symbiote known as Venom has had enough and wants to be viewed as a hero by the world. When it realized that its current host, Eddie Brock, didn't share this desite, Venom decided to leave him for someone who shared its new sense of morals.

That is when Venom met Alex. Alex is a young college student in her early 20's who'd always dreamed of becoming a super hero... and meeting Venom made that dream come true. Rechristened She-Venom, the bonded Alex and Venom now roam the New York City nights in search of criminals to punish and innocents to save.

The best part? With Venom's "unique" way of getting rid of criminals, Alex also gets to indulge in her otherwise impossible fetish...

Story by Spoice
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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