Barbaric Elves and Hungry Slimes

In the Dark Forest, monsters roam everywhere. Some weak... and some strong.

Two barbarian elves have ventured into this dangerous area in order to train themselves and become stronger. However, the foolish elves misjudged the strength of slimes. While slimes are normally weak and stupid, the slimes of the Dark Forest are being of both incredible strength and intelligence. More importantly: they are always, ALWAYS hungry.

The first elf tried to attack blindly, and was instantly caught in the belly of a slime. She will not suffocate, for the slime allows air to travel through it. How unfortunate for her. She is doomed to a slow and painful death, for the creature's body produces a slow-acting digestive acid that will create immense pleasure for the slime while the Elf struggles in pain, her body breaking down into nutrition for the monster.

The second elf managed to put up a fight, but it was obvious to both her and the slimes that she was out of her depth. She attempted to flee, but the slime coming for her was too fast. Now, she struggles futilely as she follows her friend into the belly of a similar beast.

In the Dark Forest, monsters roam everywhere. Some weak... and some strong, but not everything is what it seems in here. For darkness always conceals the truth.

Story by SV-Writer
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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