Big Bunny Girl Meets Her Match

It had been days since the giant bunny girl had first appeared. She started relatively small, just big enough to swallow a person or two, but the more people she ate, the more she grew! In less than a week, she'd become the size of a kaiju, eagerly swallowing any people she came across as she wrecked the city. The situation seemed hopeless as even the military fell prey to the bunny girl's bottomless appetite.

Just when it seemed like the bunny girl was unstoppable, however, Cider Delish recklessly wandered over to those giant feet, licking her lips in anticipation. A few frightened people nervously watched from their half-destroyed homes as Cider reached the feet of the bunny girl, unaware of her own peril as she was in the process of taking advantage of a traffic jam by swallowing everyone on the street. The bunny girl was suddenly tipped off that something was very wrong by the sudden tugging sensation on her feet. When she looked down, it appeared as if her feet had vanished entirely, pinching down right at her ankles. Further examination was interrupted by another powerful tug as the bunny girl's shins began to "vanish" in the same way. Sensing that, perhaps, their salvation had arrived, people cautiously left their shelters to get a better look at their savior, just an ordinary looking young woman that seemed to have an extraordinary power!

Cider didn't notice her admirers at all, she had found the bunny girl to be delicious and all her attention was on the meal before her. As the sounds of slurping and swallowing reached her ears as even her thighs were pulled out from under her, the bunny girl realized what was happening. As many people as she'd eaten, and as big as she was, she never imagined that it would all come to an end because someone decided to eat HER! Before she could start attempting to pull herself back out, she was pulled back again and again with ever increasing force. She tried to use her left arm to push Cider off, but only ended up getting that caught with the rest of her lower body. Her enormous boobs, fed by countless people, dragged across the street, closer and closer to her doom as she tried to reach out desperately to grab something, anything that would save her, but it was already too late. As the gathering crowd witnessed this impossible display and celebrated the downfall of the bunny girl that had been destroying their city, everyone there had already come to the same conclusion: nothing is too big for Cider's appetite! (Bunny Girl belongs to Frakass)

Story by Uryxia
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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