Catch a Gastral Wave

Shrink, Jumba's first experiment and one of the many experiments Lilo and Stitch had rehabilitated on Earth, had the ability to grow - or shrink - objects, so when David told Nani about his idea to spice up their love life was hesitant. Especially with everything Lilo had told her about Experiment 128 in mind.

After some needling, though, Nani found herself coercing an alien creature into shrinking her boyfriend... and drinking said tiny boyfriend down with a glass of milk. Actually doing the deed wasn't bad, and Nani found herself liking the power. REALLY liking the power.

Meanwhile, David (whose frequent proximity to fire made him surprisingly durable) was enjoying the ride of his life!

Story by FleekOnLeesh
Artwork by Drumstick

High resolution (3216x5031)

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