Chubby Bunny

No slumber party would be complete without pillow fights, make-out practice… and games like chubby bunny. However, Melissa’s party had a bit of a cruel twist.

Having gotten tired of never getting invited to the cool kids’ parties, Melissa decided to throw one of her own, inviting a few social outcasts to include the slightly-gothic Shannon and the chubby Heather.

However, Melissa had included some… guests of honor: the cheerleaders that had shunned them for so long.

At first, it was just small little cruelties the unpopular gals inflicted upon the tiny cheerleaders- trapping them under their cups, thumping them, pretty much the kind of bullying they felt they had been subjected to throughout the years.

However, things turned fatal when Shannon dropped Alicia, the sexy brunette head of the cheer squad, into her shot glass and downed her along with her whiskey.

That’s when things started turning really bad for the cheerleaders. The tiny girls were added to every game. Melissa tried balancing the busty Amber on her forehead until she fell to the floor and was crushed underfoot. Spin the bottle? The tall, athletic Danielle was swapped between mouths along with the spit before eventually getting gulped down by Heather.

Eventually, though, the game got around to chubby bunny. The girls shoved as many of the cheerleaders into their mouths as they could. First, Melissa easily enveloped six tiny cheerleaders into her mouth, speaking the game’s namesake before chewing them to a pulp and swallowing. Shannon managed five cute blondes, muffling a “Chubby Bunny” before gulping them down.

Heather managed eight girls, slathering them up with her tongue to ease the trip as she swallowed them all at once.

Not to be outdone, the competitive host of the party stuffed the remaining cheerleaders- ten in all- into her mouth. She just barely managed to say “Chubby Bunny”, but that victory wasn’t enough.

Heather had swallowed her eight whole, so Melissa was going to swallow the ten without chewing. If… she could just… get them… down…

Story by JokezOnYou-Cosplay
Artwork by SednaStudio-Forst

High resolution (4250x5500)

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