Cleaning The City

The city had fallen, crime was on the rise. Even in broad daylight, no one was safe. Gangs and thugs ruled the streets, only kept at bay by a few vigilantes who fought against the waves of violence. Usually, each of them stuck to their own district, an unwritten rule to avoid crossing into each other’s territory. When the situation finally escalated, some of them gathered to land a huge hit on the mob. Their mission quickly turned into more of a “Girl’s Night”, when they roamed the streets, devouring and consuming every criminal they came across. They were actually having fun, going from district to district and sending dozens of criminals into their churning depths, sealing their fate as meals. “You can’t do this! This is murder!” came the muffled protest from Jess’ tail, silenced by thick flesh undulating and churning tightly against the gangster’s body. His screams were drowned by the gurgles of her stomach eagerly digesting its meal. The naga nonchalantly shrugged, leaning over the humanoid lump sliding further along her serpentine lower body “You’re not exactly speaking from a moral high ground there,” she hissed at the struggling and bucking bulge. On the other side of the alley, Coco traced two fingers along her engorged member, feeling the outlines of her latest victim slowly descending through the thick shaft, gradually slipping into the musky confines of her sac where others before him had already met their demise. Sloshing and burbling, her taut orbs kept churning at her prey “Won’t be able to collect a bounty for this one,” she mused with a smirk on her full lips, taking the time to admire her team member V, who was busy stuffing her shapely rump with another thug, her elastic belly looking like a deflated balloon clinging tightly to her prey trapped within, shrieking as they were broken down within the stretchy vigilante’s stomach. “Going for a new record tonight?” Coco chuckled before nodding towards the last member of their group, Kim, who was in utter bliss, fondling her enormous breasts while sucking her catch into the soft warmth of her bosom. “I think you might have competition there.” V just smirked and winked “I’m not done yet. And we still have seven districts to go through, so don’t stop the count yet.” There were no trials, there were no prisoners. The underworld didn’t play by the rules, so why should they?

Story by Watcher
Artwork by Everton Sousa

High resolution (4961x3508)

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