Day at the Beach

Elisa felt an urge to see the sea and realized that it'd been a long time since her last visit. She made her way to the beach without eating too many people (only 2 or 3 people that were unlucky enough to cross here along the way).

Elisa stretched as she tried to spot a place on the beach where she could put her stuff down, take a seat, and relax. Unfortunately, like always, her huge, bouncing gut and its loud gurgling certainly attracted the attention of many people.

"Oh come on! This beach is way too crowded! I'll never find a place to..."

Elisa stopping walking as soon as she noticed the two women that were laughing at her body.

"Well... looks like it's time for a snack at the beach~"

Elisa just let her bag fall upon the sand and undressed slowly, revealing her two huge breasts resting atop her fat belly. Her bikini was practically eaten by her body and could barely be seen because of her enormous ass. Elisa walked quietly towards the two ladies, smiling as she stopped in front of them. The two stopped laughing once they realized just how huge Elisa's figure was.

"You two look like you're having some fun~" Elisa purred as she grabbed each woman by an arm. "Mind if I join in?"

She suddenly pulled them towards her mouth and, in an instant, their whole arms and heads were swallowed into Elisa's gullet. Elisa then put her hand under their asses and rose the two girl into the air, swallowing them slowly until they fell completely into her belly.

"Hmmm. Such sweet meat~"

Elisa, licking her fingers, looked around her. Many people had fear in their eyes as they looked towards her. Elisa laughed as she licked her lips.

"It's time to make some room for my towel!"

The surprisingly swift woman begun to run after several of the nearest beach-goers.

About two or three hours later, Elisa finally put her towel down on the sand. Sadly, it was a useless endeavour: her massive ass cheeks were each ass big as the whole towel.

Elisa belched loudly rubbing her humongous belly (which was now half-way in the sea).

"Heh. I like the sound of the sea touching my belly!"

The massive woman laughed as she tanned alone on her beach... and started to think of her next vacation.

"Hmmm... I haven't been up to the mountains in awhile..."

Story by snoup777
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2025x3150)

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