Fierce Competition

Casey had not chosen her specific cosplay solely for attention; she was an avid fan of the anime, of course. But, when she noticed another girl who had also decided to cosplay Mai Valentine, and was getting more attention for it to boot, it awakened a competitive side in Casey that she never knew that she had.

It only took a bit of conversation between the two girls, about some of their favorite episodes of the anime before they learned that they were both planning to enter the cosplay contest.

It only took a few drinks at the hotel bar to convince Casey's rival to come up to her hotel room with her for a little ‘fun’ before the contest. What the other cosplayer didn’t realize, however, was that Casey’s idea of ‘fun’ was getting rid of the competition in any way possible...

Story by Recoome5555
Artwork by Altercomics-Churin

High resolution (4794x3459)

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