Getting Used To Your Powers

Alex’s first taste of other people had been incredible; Ever since devouring her friends with Sana, the vore fairy that had flown into her life, she could only think of one thing; More. Every time she strolled her college halls now was a hunting session; Find a nice, juicy target, isolate them, and devour. Thanks to Sana giving her pointers, her first catch came quicky; A member of the volleyball team alone in the locker rooms. Her next meal came at the next day’s study hall; A plumper girl who had stayed late to work on a report. Finally was a cute cosplayer, a bigger girl dressed as Nami from One Piece. After a bit of small talk, Alex was able to lure her back to her dorm room, and have a nice, uninterrupted meal. As she laid back on her bed with a full gut, she reflected on her most recent meals. It seemed like everyone had a different taste, and Alex couldn’t wait to keep trying out new flavors…

Story by Rinzou
Artwork by FRANTIC

High resolution (3020x4500)

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