Good Try, Cooper

Carmelita and Sly were on a little park date that was going to last from morning till sundown. Throughout the day, Sly would glance around; thinking of his friends and their past heists, almost as if he wanted to go back to his old ways.

At the end of the day, Sly and Carmelita sat down on a park bench and started talking about how they cared for each other and how they'd had a love-hate relationship going on before Sly was a criminal. As the sun began to set, Sly looked at his wrist.

"Won't you look at the time. It seems I have to get back home..."

Carmelita knew this was coming. So, as Sly got up to leave, Carmelita grabbed his arm.

"You're not going anywhere, ring-tail!"

She then proceeded to "capture" Sly in her belly prison before seating herself once more on the bench with Sly in her belly, waiting for the sun to set before finally heading home. Sly, for his part, was not unhappy with these turn of events. In fact, he was a little happy...

Story by 54321awesome
Artwork by Mauro Vargas

High resolution (2550x3510)

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