Growth Hormones

Ivy always wanted to be bigger than everyone else, but not exactly in this way. She'll take it.

Upon eating the tainted donut, she is overcome with the urge to eat everything in sight. Food, tables, people, it didn't matter to her. She just had to eat everything and fill her belly.

When she snapped out of her crazed hunger for a brief moment, she marveled at how large her stomach was. To say it was enormous was an understatement, as it took up the entire room.

Then she felt it: the overwhelming sense of pleasure. Upon feeling this pleasure, her stomach shrank... making her entire body explode with growth! Gone was her short stature of 5 feet. Now she stood naked at a staggering 15 feet tall. Plus, her former B cup breasts became a pair of perky DD's!

This did not satisfy her for long and she continued her feeding frenzy, with her belly growing ever larger once more...

When will she stop? Will she ever stop? Should she stop?

Story by soundgar
Artwork by StudioArieta-Mei

High resolution (3300x5100)

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