Gullivera in Brobdingnag

Gullivera’s visit to Lilliput had been a disaster. After leaving the town where she had eaten some of the inhabitants, she had waked outside where she found a stream and crouched down to drink. There she had seen a young woman bathing, and still believing it all was a hallucination, she had scooped her up, swallowing her too. But the squirming girl had barely entered her stomach when what turned out to be her brother, came running towards her. After conversing with him for a while, she had been gradually convinced that this wasn’t a product of her imagination after all!

After this revelation, she left in a hurry, not particular interested to face the other inhabitants again when several of them filled her stomach. Her journey took her into another land, and as she walked, her surroundings gradually changed and the nature around her grew to a normal size, for a while. She was initially relieved by this, but for some reason she didn’t meet any other humans before things started to grow bigger and bigger, until each blade of grass was as big around as herself. Eventually, a huge man came into view. A farmer, judging by his clothes, and at least 20 meters tall if not bigger. He caught sight of her, and despite being unsure if this was a good idea or not, Gullivera let herself be picked up by him.

Fortunately, he turned out to be friendly, and a bit curious. He had never seen such a small person before, and wasn’t sure if she was even a human. He wanted to bring her back home and show her to his family, so she was thereafter stuffed into a pocket on his trousers-- one that was intimidatingly close to his groin. She was brought to his house, and upon their arrival, she was shown off to the family members, his gorgeous wife and equally beautiful daughter, whom Gullivera had heard called Glumdalclitch.

Glumdalclitch, would have been just like any other college girl at home, if it wasn’t for the fact her size was almost that of her giant father! The two of them were eventually left alone when the parents went out on an errand, and if the adult male had been curious, there was no ending to what this young giantess wanted to know. At one point, she even had Gullivera strip for her, to prove that she was human shaped underneath her clothes, something Gullivera found ridiculous since her loincloth and top didn’t hide much of her body. After showing off her curvaceous body, she had been reluctantly allowed to dress up again. But things turned worse after that.

It turned out that Glumdalclitch had a pet frog in her room, one that she had “trained” for combat against other smaller creatures, and now she wanted to see how Gullivera would fare against it! The amphibian was kept in a terrarium as large as Gullivera's own house, and the frog itself was as big as a hippo! The giantess dropped her into the terrarium in front of the frog, which stared curiously at Gullivera. She got back on her feet letting out a curse when she saw the hungry eyes. She was about to run when it jumped on her, pinning her down.

Trapped by its weight, Gullivera was unable to escape when it started licking and tasting her body. Glumdalclitch did not seem particularly concerned about her frantic squirms and struggles. The tongue was gooey and covered with sticky saliva, and before Gullivera could get loose, the tongue had wrapped around her waist and pulled her headfirst inside its maw; a sight which made the giantess laugh, of all things!

The frog had no concept of personal space or privacy as it continued to savor her nubile body. Its prehensile organ invaded, pushed and caressed Gullivera 'till the point where she moaned. She started to get pulled out of her clothes, and she kicked her legs- which were still on the outside- to try and make the amphibian spit her out, but all she accomplished was to lose one of her high heels.

The frog was obviously in no hurry to eat her, as it kept her in its mouth for a considerable amount of time, but eventually it pushed a webbed hand against her feet and forced her to curl up inside the oppressive mouth. She thought she heard another voice speak on the outside, but before she could call for help, the frog swallowed, only a muffled yelp coming out as she was sent down the tight neck and squeezed into the stomach. Gullivera wiggled and squirmed, but the stomach was unimpressed by her attempts to free herself. The frog suddenly started to jump around, and she was tossed and turned at every move, making her dizzy. But finally, when she no longer knew the difference between up and down, she felt somebody grasp the frog and lift it up. Gullivera dearly hoped that one of the giants would pull her out soon- being eaten was undoubtedly worse than being the one who was eating!

Story by Oberon
Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang

High resolution (3300x5100)

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