Hunger of the Dead

There’s been a viral outbreak inside Japan, during school hours no less!

After getting across the city in one piece with the rest of her class, Shizuka accidentally got lost. Thankfully she ran into her friend Rika Minami, an expert sniper in the army, but not before a zombie had attacked and successfully bitten her.

They both found it strange that after 3 days of Shizuka’s incident she didn’t fully turn, only keeping the appetite of the dead.

Using this to their advantage, Rika force feeds Shizuka zombies that get in their way. However, by the time they reach the edge of the city, her belly is gigantic!

Never one to leave a friend behind, Rika picks up Shizuka and pushes forward.

Story by JVZombie
Artwork by ArtSteady-Raffaele Ricciardi

High resolution (4677x6615)

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