Inda-Belli High

It's a sunny day at Inda-Belli High, but this school is unlike most schools. While it does have math, english, social studies, and every other class you'd find in most schools, this school has vore classes, and it teaches girls in the senior class how to swallow people whole. You don't just waltz in and join, however. You are selected for the class by the teacher. If she thinks you should take her class, if you have certain "interests", and an "appetite" for learning, you'll be invited in. One such student is a pregnant girl by the name of Pam, who's just starting her first day of class...

"Okay, students, take your seats so we can begin," says Mrs. Bell, the students taking their seats. "I would like to introduce our newest class member: Pam. I just selected her yesterday after school. Do you have anything to say before class starts, Pam?"

Pam stands there, too nervous to say anything because she wasn't good with social skills and hated talking to large groups. She saw it as a miracle that she'd had the nerve to have sex with the foreign exchange student who'd gotten her pregnant. Worse, she was left completely alone when he was sent back home.

"Ummm... I'm sorry, but I don't think this class is for me, Mrs. Bell. I don't think I belong here. You've made a mistake."

"Is that so?" Mrs. Bell raises an eyebrow. "I assure you, this was no mistake. I selected you because you are a great supporter of vore." Mrs. Bell turns to her laptop, showing the class Pam's "Eka's portal" page (and all of the beautiful personal drawings it includes of her eating the head cheerleader and her friends). "If you stay in my class, I can help you make your art a reality."

"But you're a teacher," the confused Pam responds, "why would you help me eat other students? I know it's the subject you teach, but..."

"Because I know for a fact that those girls bully you," Mrs. Bell states in a more serious tone. "If there's anything I hate more than anything, it's a bully... unless they're in my stomach during detention, that is. Now, please take your seat so we can begin."

Feeling assured that this class will be okay, Pam takes her seat in the back by the window. She takes out her laptop and types everything the teacher says. Since it was Pam's first day, the teacher reminded the class of the rules.

Rule One: Do not talk about vore class


Rule Three: If it's your first day in vore class, you must participate in the lesson.

Rule Four: When swallowing, always breathe through the nose.

Rule Five: No eating students outside of class during school hours.

Rule Six: If it's after school hours or in self-defense, then fuck Rule Five.

Finally, Rule Seven: Always keep a journal of who you swallowed and why for legal reasons.

After that, the teacher begins with the lesson and calls in a group of five boys. All of the other girls lick their lips in anticipation of what's to come. This confused Pam, because she thought this was a girls-only class... so she raised her hand.

"Yes, Pam?"

"Um, I was under the impression that this was a girls-only class." Pam says nervously. "Why are these boys here?"

"An excellent question!" Mrs. Bell replies. "These boys are special volunteers who are sworn to secrecy for us to use for "vore swallowing" practice. They all signed an agreement that if one of them does spill the beans, they will end up in permanent detention... if you catch my drift. Okay, now that we have that covered, let's begin with the demonstration." She grabs one of the boys and pulls him to the front of the class so that everyone can see.

"Now, the first thing you do is grab your 'prey' tightly so that they can't get away. Next, you loosen your jaw muscles so they can stretch right. Third, relax your throat so it can expand, then you shove their head in quickly and proceed to swallow. Once you reach the abdomen, you can either lift them up and let gravity do the work, or you can force them down with your hands. Then just sit back and enjoy. If you follow these steps exactly, it should look like this."

Mrs. Bell grabs the boy by the shoulders tightly, then quickly proceeds to swallow him whole. The buttons on her shirt start popping, exposing her pink lace bra as he reaches the halfway point. A few more quick gulps and she lifts his legs in the air, letting gravity do the rest of the work. With one final loud "GULP", she sends the eighteen year old boy into her stomach.

"BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP! And that- HIC!- is how it's done." Mrs. Bell smiled. "Now I need three volunteers to do as I have done." All of the girls (minus Pam) quickly raise their hands. Pam was still in shock that her teacher actually did what she could only imagine doing in her drawings. While still coming to terms with learning that she would soon be able to have her revenge, Pam didn't notice the teacher calling on her after she selected two other girls. They had already swallowed their boys whole, and stood there rubbing their bellies and licking their lips.

"Pam!" Mrs. Bell nearly shouts in a raised tone. "Pam! Earth to Pam!"

Pam snaps back to reality. "Huh, what?"

"It's your turn."

"But I didn't have my hand up?"

"Rule Three of this class: if it's your first day, you must participate in the lesson..." Mrs. Bell reminds Pam. "So, please get- urrp- up here and swallow this young man." Pam walks up to the front of the class and stands in front of the boy, embarrassed. She turns her head to the teacher and asks if he will be okay after she swallows him. Mrs. Bell reassures her that this isn't permanent, and she will show her how to spit him out at the end of class.

As Pam starts to feel okay with it, she closes her eyes and takes a relaxing breath. Just then, the boy tries to get her attention by touching her belly. Pam snaps! In the blink of an eye, she grabs the boy and swallows him whole.

"BURRRRRRRP! Mmmmm, yummy..." Pam says, patting her gut. The class fell silent in amazement of how fast she'd swallowed him whole, then erupts in thunderous applause. With her belly full and her confidence built up, Pam goes back to her seat and the teacher goes on to the next bunch of lessons: regurgitation, digesting large meals, and how to move body fat to the right places.

The clock ticks away.

The bell rings. Pam coughs up the boy in her belly and heads to her final class of the day: gym. The whole cheer squad is there... and the head cheerleader and the top three instantly set their sights on Pam. The top three are Tammy, Brianna, and Connie. The head cheerleader is a nasty girl named Becky.

"Everyone look, it's a land whale!" Becky yells. "No, wait! It's just a pregnant slut! Ha ha ha ha!" Pam feels the anger and desire to eat them right then and there, but then she remembers Rule Five: "No swallowing students outside of class during school hours". So, she choses to bide her time and went to the only area in the gym she was approved for (due to her being eight months pregnant): yoga and aerobics. The teacher, who Pam got along with quite well, helps her with specialized stretches for pregnant girls so she doesn't hurt herself or the baby. The whole time she is exercising, Becky and her three friends keep calling her names. They even start chanting as loud as the could "S-L-U-T! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT!" After that, the teacher has enough and tells them to shut up and go to her office, where she will deal with them after school is over. The other students applaud as Becky and her friends storm off to the gym teacher's office in the back of the girls locker room.

Forty-five minutes later, the final bell rings and the teacher starts rolling up the yoga mats. Pam heads to the locker room to change so that she can go home, but her locker is in the back... right by the gym teacher's office. Becky and her friends spot Pam as she strips down to her underwear. Becky is furious that she was in trouble because of Pam. You see, she believes that being head cheerleader made her the most important girl in school. So, since the teacher isn't around yet, Becky feels the need to remind Pam of her place. Like a pack of wolves Becky, Tammy, Brianna, and Connie corner Pam so that she can't get away.

"You must think you're so special... don't you, slut?!" Becky asks in a mockingly nasty tone.

"Ugh, she's so fat and disgusting." Connie chimes in.

"Gets special treatment just 'cause she opened her whore legs and got knocked up." Brianna adds. She goes to poke Pam's pregnant belly, but Pam goes from frightened rabbit to pissed off mama bear, and swats Brianna's hand away in a rage.

"DON'T YOU EVER TOUCH MY BABY YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!" Pam exclaims. Hearing the yelling, the teacher heads into the locker room.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Becky screams furiously. "We are the cheerleaders! The alpha wolves of this school! We do whatever we want! If we want to smack a pregnant slut, we will do it!" Becky pulls her hand back to slap Pam's face as hard as possible... but Pam catches Becky's hand mid-swing.

"If you're alpha wolves, then that means I'm the mama bear... and since you threatened my cub... that makes you fucking dinner." Becky is caught of guard by Pam's threat and starts to laugh. Pam quickly remembers what she was taught in class. She grabs Becky's other hand and holds on tight, loosens her jaw, relaxes her throat, and then proceeds to swallow Becky whole. Becky panics and begs Pam to stop and let her go. When Pam doesn't, Becky yells to her friends to grab her feet and pull her out. The three girls grab on and pull with all of their might, but Pam was too determined, angry, and hungry. With every gulp, Pam remembers every last mean thing these four ever said or did to her. Those memories stoke the fire that drives her to swallow past Becky's well-toned ass. Desiring to eat the other three as well, Pam needs a way to hold them, 'cause there was no way she could hold them in place with just her hands.

That's when she has the idea to use their belts to bind their hands to Becky's legs. In a flash, Pam grabs Tammy and Connie's belts, dropping their skirts. She quickly fastens them together and binds their hands to Becky's legs, then continues on with her meal. In a matter of seconds, Pam swallows them all whole, and a loud belch echoes through the locker room.

"BURRRRRRP! Mmmmm, Cheerleaders are so tasty..." Pam smiles seductively. She gives her belly a good rub just as the teacher finally makes it into the back of the locker room to see Pam on the floor with a huge gut and her office empty. The gym teacher easily puts two and two together and Pam starts to get nervous thinking the teacher will be mad at her. However, to her surprise, the teacher smiled.

"Looks like my set-up worked." The teacher chuckled. "So, did you enjoy having those bitches for dinner? I bet they were really yummy and provide you and your baby with plenty of nutrients."

"Y-yes they were, burp." A confused Pam says. "Aren't you mad? I just ate four big-breasted, well-toned cheerleaders..."

"First off, you're drooling. Second, Rule Six: it's after hours, so fuck rule five."

"You know the rules!" Pam responds with excitement. "Which means... which means..."

"Vore class 1979, vice-class president." The gym teacher says with a proud smile. "Your mom was class president." She shows Pam a yearbook photo of her mother with a big belly at her senior prom, picking her teeth.

"Who did she eat?" Pam asks.

"Your dad and the prom queen. She let your dad out and went to the backseat of his car to digest and f--"

"OK, OK, TMI, TMI!" Pam blushes in a panic. "Can I finish getting dressed please? I have a journal to keep and a lot of digestion... I mean, 'homework' to do." The teacher leaves Pam alone to change. Pam watches her leave and rubs her bulging belly with great satisfaction as she starts digesting her former bullies, soon to be nothing more than food and breast milk.

Story by Deathbat99
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (5001x7483)

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