Learning About Digestion

'How did my life end up like this,' thought Emma as she contemplated her life up until this very moment.

Here she was, gagged and bound, watching as Katherine the campus librarian swallowed another of her friends.

It was meant to be a quick bit of fun, she wasn't meant to find out, but the giant woman had caught the five girls making out in one of the darker corners of the library.

It had to have been another student that had told the vore-capable woman. How else could she have discovered them so quickly? They were barely in their underwear when she was upon them.

Jessica and Linda had disappeared down her throat faster than Emma could have imagined, which just left three.

A squeak to Emma's left drew her attention to the fifth girl in the group: Rachel, the one who had gotten them into this situation in the first place. She had convinced the group that there was no way Katherine would catch them (and that, even if she did, she would certainly not eat them). Emma reflected on how wrong she had been as the pair watched Melissa's legs and feet slip past the plump lips of the predator, disappearing into her large, round gut.

Now there were two left.

Katherine smiled to herself as she felt the latest girl slide into her already full stomach. It wasn't every day that she would catch five girls breaking the rules at the same time. Still, as the third girl began to struggle, she definitely had no complaints.

Placing her left hand gently on to top of her belly, Katherine felt a familiar feeling wash over her. It moved through her belly like a warm summer breeze. It felt so calming. Quickly raising her right hand to her mouth in the shape of a fist, she muffled the huge belch that would have disrupted the students elsewhere in the library.

All at once the feeling dissipated, and she could once again think about the other two meals she would need to finish before the end of the day.

Story by darkflame8
Artwork by SednaStudio-Dai

High resolution (3991x2942)

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