Mipha's Secret Chamber

The war to save Hyrule against the Ganon's Calamity was getting more difficult by the day. The princess of the Zoras was chosen as one of the four guardians of Hyrule because of her curative skills.

After a fierce battle, Link was seriously injured. Mipha was unable look at Link in this state and she asked to the guards move Link to her royal room to cure him.

She locked the doors and proceeded to swallow Link while he was unconscious. Her stomach had curative properties but she saved this secret as the last resource for her love. Now, she only can wait in her bed until Link was fully recovered. She rubbed her belly gently, whispering to it, "Don't worry my love, you will be safe here!"

Then, a hand print appeared, pushing out lightly from within her belly; a signal that Link was starting to be cured. Mipha couldn't control herself, and started smiling with a tear in her eye.

Story by Darkatio
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (5001x7483)

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