Miss Kitty's #1 Lunch

Lucky Scrungo! On his way to a fan meetup with his favorite actress, a car accident turned coma led to an encounter with the real deal herself – the illustrious Miss Kitty! The server of the best Comatinis around the limbo known as DownTown, she was quite well known after usurping the dream king Hypnos and aiding a memorable guest in their quest back to the realm of the living. But after eating that pesky rat guard and that annoying monkey, Kitty had acquired a much stronger taste for meat. Scrungo had just caught her during a big pizza meal. One thing leads to another, and this #1 fan has become a #1 lunch! He's not quite filling enough, however. Good thing Kitty's pizza buffet isn't ending anytime soon!

Story by Scrungo
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2041x3150)

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