Monstrous Appetite: Loch Ness monster

In the heart of a mist-shrouded Scottish loch, Emily embarked on an audacious adventure to capture the lochness monster. Equipped with a necklace allowing her to breathe underwater and a harpoon, Emily took off her clothes and descended into the dark, cold waters of the loch.

She navigated through the murky depths, her heart pounding in anticipation. Emily's resolve remained unshaken, even as doubt began to creep into her mind. But then, just as she considered resurfacing, a colossal shadow emerged from the depths— an unmistakable outline of the creature she had sought for so long.

Emily's breath caught in her throat as she witnessed the Loch Ness Monster in all its majestic glory. Its serpentine body glided through the water, its eyes reflecting centuries of untold stories. At that moment, Emily knew what she had to do. As the creature swam closer, Emily made a daring decision.

She swam alongside the massive beast, relying on a mixture of courage and instinct. With a burst of bravery, she reached out and clasped onto one of the monster's massive fins. The creature's skin felt cool and textured beneath her fingertips, an encounter that sent shivers down her spine. Summoning all her strength, Emily hoisted herself onto the monster's back. Her heart raced as she clung to its scales, her fingers digging into the creature's tough exterior. With a mixture of awe and determination, she gradually made her way toward the creature's head.

As Emily approached the massive head of the Loch Ness Monster, her mind raced with both fear and exhilaration. She had come this far, and now there was no turning back. Drawing upon her deep well of courage, she harpooned the beast and tied the rope around its neck. The beast thrashed around but Emily held on to the rope. With all her might, she began to drag the beast back to the surface. Every time, she had to yank on the rope to stop the beast from moving so much.

Getting closer to the shore, the beast finally exhausted itself. Coming out of the water, onto the land, Emily pulled on the rope, dragging the Loch Ness monster out of the water

Emily caught her breath as she looked at the tired colossal beast. She smiled as she approached it. Opening her mouth wide, she began to swallow the creature whole. Every gulp brought a few inches of the monster inside her, her stomach growing as it slowly entered her stomach. Emily continued swallowing, seemingly undeterred by the monster's size. She swallowed it until nothing remained and the Loch Ness monster was completely swallowed into her belly.

Emily stood tall, rubbing her colossal size belly as the waves slapped her overly extended belly. She smiled, enjoying her captured meal.

Story by Glopez11
Artwork by Marco Dominici

High resolution (3307x4677)

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