Nani and the Lifeguard

Nani was out of options. Her reprieve was up, and the social worker, Cobra Bubbles, was coming tomorrow to take Lilo away from her...

Nani couldn't bear the thought of Lilo being taken from her and made one last desperate attempt to get a steady job to support her. The Lifeguard was not too thrilled to see her again after the mess Lilo and her new dog had made of the beach earlier, but Nani was determined to do whatever she had to ensure her safety.
The Lifeguard was sympathetic but wasn't about to give a job saving people to someone with no prior experience just because she felt sorry for her. So, she came up with an idea: she'd forgotten to pack a dinner earlier, so Nani would feed herself to the lifeguard. In exchange, the Lifeguard would take in Lilo; at least this way Lilo would be guaranteed to be taken care of and, in a way, at least some small part of Nani would always be with her sister.

Nani was initially horrified at the idea of sacrificing herself to a random lifeguard's hunger but, with next morning getting closer and closer, it was starting to look as if she had no other choice. Besides, if she was going to become part of someone's body, it might as well a body as beautiful as this Lifeguards...

And so, after dinner, the deal is done. Nani was trying to focus on the positives of her sacrifice as the Lifeguard's stomach prepares to convert her into nutrients; trying find some solace in the fact that, at least, Lilo will be cared for and, in at least some form, she will be there with her.

Meanwhile, the Lifeguard could not be more satisfied; the sunset was beautiful, the weather was perfect and Nani was the most delicious dinner she had in a long time.

"Don't you worry, Nani", she murmured softly as she patted her belly, "I'll make sure to take very good care of Lilo. Definitely. Probably. Maybe. Hey, where did you say your house was again? Eh, you know what? Don't worry about it."

Story by Kid Clef
Artwork by Drumstick

High resolution (5500x6000)

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