Nikki's Treats

The whole day was a series of unfortunate of events. What started off as a normal day at college, ended up being a nightmare for some, and a dream come true for others. Everyone headed to science class that early summer morning. It was beautiful out and all of the students were ready to get class over with so they could enjoy the outdoors.

However, the professor of the class was doing research on a top secret science project. It was a shrink ray, and she was going to test the device that day in front of the class by shrinking a textbook. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned, because when the professor fired the shrink ray, it went off and shrunk only the organic material in the class.

After a bright flash of light, the entire class was shrunk to the size of half an inch. This is when our beautiful goddess comes in. Nikki was running late to class and missed the shrinking accident. When she arrived to class the tiny students screamed in joy because here was someone that could save them. She walked in crushing countless people until she stopped because she heard tiny high pitched sounds. She crouched and looked on the ground to see tiny people screaming and running frantically.

She couldn't believe her eyes!

She had heard rumors of a shrink ray being researched by her professor but she couldn't believe it was real. This was her biggest fantasy. She always dreamed of having her own tiny friends to play with. She smiled a devious grin and as the other students stared, they realized that their classmate wasn’t here to save them. They started running away from the huge goddess but she was just too fast. She started scooping up everyone in the lecture hall and threw them into her purse.

When she got back to her house, she stripped down to her nice light blue bra and panties and dumped the whole class on her belly. It grumbled in anticipation as she started dropping the tiny students into her hungry mouth as she gulped them down whole. The remaining tiny people could only watch in horror.

Things only got worse when she began masturbating. With one hand in her panties and the other taking tiny people and dropping them into her mouth, Nikki had the time of her life. She kept gulping until only the professor was left, who she spared and let cry on her stomach which was now emitting the sounds of tiny screams. Nikki then began to drift to sleep, having wonderful dreams of eating more tiny people.

Story by Marcus Fenix
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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