Ninjutsu VS Superpower

Mai and Tatsumaki were invited to participate in a beach volleyball game on a private island.

Mai liked to use the swimming pool for relaxing, but she discovered Tatsumaki hogging her sunlight. Naturally, she attacked Tatsumaki. Using ninjutsu to move behind Tatsumaki, Mai swallowed the psychic down to her waist in one bite, her long tongue beginning to play with Tatsumaki's pussy.

Normally, this would be a death sentence. However, despite Tatsumaki's S-rank superpowers, she was only slightly angry at the sneak attack because of the pleasure that followed. After recovering, Tatsumaki used her super-powered telekinesis to pull herself out of Mai's mouth and swiftly imprison Mai while she prepared her revenge.

Tatsumaki decided to unbirth Mai, so that she could simultaneously get revenge on the cheeky kunoichi and continue to be pleasured by her. Starting with her feet (Tatsumaki didn't even bother to take off the ninja's high heels), Mai was stuffed in. Tatsumaki's neck was gradually elongated by Mai's straightened legs taking up all the room within the diminutive psychic.

In the end, because Tatsumaki was so overstuffed, Mai was let go... but she had learned her lesson: Mai no longer dared to tease Tatsumaki!

Story by ztcj
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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