No Peeking (Or Else) 3

Erza, Lucy, and Juvia rest against the edge of the women’s bath and stare at their soon-to-be-desserts as the three peeping toms stare back and cower behind a potted plant.

“Oh, they look so yummy.” Lucy says as she licks her lips.

“I bet they’ll feel really good in our bellies.” Erza adds.

“Only one way to find out.” Juvia muses. She raises her hand from the bath water and creates three tentacles that take dead aim at their frightened prey. Upon the realization of what’s about to happen to them, the mystery men start running for their lives.

“Too slow!” Juvia cries out as she sends the tentacles after her targets. “You’re not getting away!” Within moments, the tentacles are coiled around the legs of their prey, slithering up to their arms... and moments later their mouths (preventing them from crying for help). Once the three busty mages see their desserts are secured, they start licking their lips in anticipation of what’s to come. They watch the tentacles raise the men above their heads, the peepers starting to struggle and panic as they stare down at the gaping, hungry maws below them.

With a flick of the wrist, Juvia lets the men go, and they quickly fall headfirst towards their hungry captors, their quick falls coming to a quick stop as they all go straight down the women's throats, landing in their bellies with the other men that the three women ate before making their stomachs even larger. Erza, Lucy, and Juvia close their mouths like steel traps, forever sealing the fates of the peeing toms.

“BURP! Mmm... that was a lovely dessert.” Erza mutters, rubbing her big belly.

“Yeah! Great job catching them, Juvia. HIC!” Lucy pats her tummy like a drum as she smiles.

“Oh… don’t mention it.” Juvia says as she slowly rubs her stomach with satisfaction. Just like before, Juvia finds herself overwhelmed with a sense of ecstasy, a near-orgasmic pleasure as the men in her belly start to struggle. Seeing how horny their friend has become, Erza and Lucy look at each other and smirk. They move over to her and stand on both sides of her before starting to rub her belly in a sensual manner.

“You seem a little hot and bothered, Juvia. Allow us to help you with your problem...” Erza says seductively as she moves her hand up to one of Juvia’s large breasts. Lucy follows Erza’s lead and slides her left hand down to Juvia’s vagina, turning Juvia’s head towards hers. As she inserts two fingers, Lucy starts to kiss Juvia passionately, catching the water mage completely by surprise as Lucy’s tongue wiggles around in her mouth. As Juvia comes to terms with it, she starts to kiss Lucy back, groping one of her breasts.

“My, my, this day is getting more and more interesting by the second!” Lisanna giggles.

“I wonder how Gray would react if he heard about this?” Mira questions, laughing along with her sister. Upon hearing what Mirajane said, Juvia rushes right over to her and starts begging her not to tell her “darling” Gray what she was just doing.

“Relax, Juvia. I wouldn’t tell him a thing like that...” Mira promises. “I’m a bartender. Your secret is safe with me. I promise.”

“Okay, I trust you...” Juvia says with a sigh of relief.

After a few minutes go by, the struggles of their meals start to die down, and all of the girls resume their normal bathing.

“So, I have another quick question for you two.” Juvia asks. “How long is it gonna take to digest such a meal... and what kind of results should I expect?”

“Hmm. That’s a good question.” Erza responds. “Typically, it should only take a few hours, but you can speed it up with physical activities like running, exercise... or sex. As for the results, it depends on what you want!"

“You could just absorb them and convert them into magic power, or you can add them to parts of your body... like your breasts!” Lucy chimes in. “So, I’d advise going on a shopping trip for new clothes once we are done here.”

“But before we do that, we need to shrink down these guts a little. Who wants to have sex in the locker room? We could shrink them down by at least half their current size...” Erza smiles sensually as the words leave her lips.

Story by Deathbat99
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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