One-Night Stand During the Festival

Aylar was walking through the city and found the streets completely crowded with all sorts of people, but more than a few men and women had opted to wear as little as possible today, especially the those of her generation.

Being 26 herself, Aylar wasn’t bad looking either; She was very much a stunning young lady who by all means had won the nature’s genetic lottery; long black hair and copper-skinned, she sported a slim yet curvaceous body that her jeans and white blouse did little to hide, especially her ample bosom of which a great deal of skin and cleavage thanks to the deep neckline of her blouse. Her blouse didn’t reach her jeans either, but ended just over her navel, making it partly visible as she walked. But even though Aylar was born and raised in this city, she didn’t live here anymore. Her presence would only last for the weekend and wasn’t really related to the festival.

The shapely girl walked past a restaurant and looked curiously through the window, seeing a sexy lady busy swallowing a handsome red-haired man in chocolate sauce. Aylar smiled for herself at a particular memory from the first she had participated in the festival.

She had been a bit shy the time but her friends had managed to get her drunk enough to feel bold enough for anything but especially for something particular… Something that had resulted waking up the next day with a splitting headache, no clothes, in an unfamiliar bed with a bulging belly and two out of four friends missing.

Aylar looked at her watch; she still had a lot of time to spare before her meeting. Perhaps she should use this rare opportunity to have a bit of fun herself? Finding a bar where the music wasn’t louder than her own thoughts, Aylar and walked inside. It wasn’t that full, but there was a group of lightly clothed girls and two boys that were groping a mature woman with a bloated belly on one end. Ignoring their giggles and comments, Aylar walked up to the bar and got herself a drink.

She had almost emptied the glass when a handsome-looking man, came up beside her and ordered a drink himself. He had a nice tan and was wearing a black T-shirt that was so tight that his muscles were visible through it, and he had a warm smile.

“So, you exercise a lot?” she asked casually, sounding mildly interested.

“I guess I do.” He answered and looked back at her. “I can’t remember having seen you here before. Are you new in town?” The man smiled and looked unashamed at her proud, feminine assets. “I’m certain I would’ve remembered a body… Well, a face like yours!” he corrected with a chuckle.

Aylar let out an amused bark; she was used to being the center of attention. “Not really; I grew up here but moved away some years ago. I’m only here for the weekend. It’s just a coincidence that the festival happened to be on this day, I need to be back on work on Monday. By the way, do you like what you see?” She changed the topic at the very end, skipping right to what she guessed was dominating the man’s mind while flaunting her assets casually.

The man chuckled lightly, “Bruce” he said, introducing him with a smile, before emptying his glass in three slurps and holding out his hand.

“Aylar.”, she responded, taking his hand.

He held her hand in a firm grip with the most handsome smile she had ever seen. “Nice to meet you, Aylar. Seeing as you’re so straight-forward, I suppose I should be the same. Maybe you would like to come back to my place tonight? I have another “friend” who would love to meet you!”

Aylar noticed the throbbing bulge on his pants and smiled. “Of course, I still have some hours left before my presence is requested elsewhere…”, she replied with a sly smile and gave his toned skin a wet kiss.

Three hours later, Aylar lay nude in Bruce’s bed with her smooth skin glossy from sweat and love juices. Bruce had turned out to be the best catch she had in years. Not only did she adore his powerful body but his “friend” was equally impressive and had managed to fill her tight pussy to the brim.

Lying on his white bed-sheet, her mountainous boobs rose up and down, her head faced the ceiling while her arms and legs were spread, and between her smooth thighs was Bruce’s head, sucking and licking her pussy with his lewd tongue.

“That was orgasmic!”, Aylar panted, “I can’t remember last time a guy was able to come inside me five fucking times in a row! Wow!”

His equally horny reply came from between her legs, “It was all a pleasure… I… Shit, I totally forgot! Would you do me a favor, sucking my cock clean? You see, I got to meet someone afterwards and I won’t her to think bad about me…” Bruce said and made his wet face visible above her flat stomach.

“Haha, you naughty boy! Alright, stand up and I’ll suck you clean!” From outside the bedroom window, Aylar could hear the noises of the festival and a loud, wet belch that echoed, reminding her that if she wanted to get some belly-fill for herself, she would either have to gobble Bruce up after this, or go on a quick hunt since he was going to meet up with someone else too.

Getting into position, Aylar kissed his cock-head erotically, closed her lips around his shaft and sucked on it a few times until it was partly cleaned. Bruce, however, didn’t exactly make it easy for her by plowing his cock up and down her throat. It didn’t take long before she accidentally lost him.

“Ow, take it slowly! I can’t do this properly if you’re too fast!”

“Sorry,” Bruce answered, but then a smug smile appeared on his lips and Aylar felt him grab her head and held it firmly between his hands.

“Bruce, what are you- Nngh!” Her face has suddenly slammed at the cock, but with such a strength that her entire head vanished into the slit. She waved with her hands to keep her balance on the bed edge, but she was apparently in no danger of hitting the floor as the cock immediately began sucking her further inside. The tunnel was filled with warm, gooey cum that coated Aylar’s face and completely ruined her hair, but the strong contracting muscles continued to pull her deeper inside. Her round boobs were sucked inside quickly afterwards where hot, pulsating tissue gripped and kneaded the soft orbs. She could hear Bruce pant and moan as his cock devoured more and more of her body.

“Bruce, you know I was actually thinking on having you for a festival lunch afterwards... but this might work out just as well instead,” Aylar gasped and swallowed a mouthful of cum.

The only reply was another grunt from the outside as her smooth belly slipped inside the grooving limb. While she was being dragged deeper into the cock, Aylar had come to realize that the member was growing at the same time, expanding around her supple body and before it managed to swallow her firm butt; On the other end, her head was being emptied into the churning balls and the rest of her body followed quickly. Her thighs, legs and feet vanished with a wet slurp and soon, Aylar was curled up in the hot chamber which quickly was almost completely filled up by her form. The brunette relaxed against the rubbery walls and smiled, still aroused, the festival had turned out to be more fun than she remembered.

After having seen how his cock had taken a distinct feminine form while the gorgeous woman slipped down it, Bruce laid down on his bed for a few moments to catch his breath. He would need to fix it before his girlfriend arrived and make a fuss out of it.

The smell of sex wasn’t anything he could get rid of, but he could always say it was from yesterday’s activity. He watched how his towering cock slowly shrank back to normal size while the womanly bulge in his sack slowly began to lose its curves.

It tickled and vibrated when his sack began to shrink in size, but not to its original size; It was large and heavy, filled to the brim with freshly churned cum now. Bruce got up, made his bed, put a few things back in place before hiding Aylar’s clothes in his closet and jumped into the shower.

It was in the shower he was standing when Lucy, his girlfriend, entered. She was clad in a fitting crimson dress that ended just above the nipples on her huge breasts, leaving the upper parts of her breasts, her shoulders and arms free from any kind of cover. The dress was baggy over her thighs though and ended over her knees and on her feet she wore high-heeled black sandals. Bruce turned around and immediately got hard again.

“I though you wouldn’t be here for at least half an hour!” Lucy smiled, loosened her dress such that it fell to the floor, revealing her sexy nude body for him that was devoid of any kind of lingerie. Walking on her high heels. she stepped seductively forwards to the damping shower, stuck her hands inside and turned off the tap before entering herself. “Mmh,” she smiled and kissed his lips whereas her silky hands stroked his hard cock. “I know we could have more fun, but I am afraid I am in a bit hurry today…”

She gripped the hard member and guided it to her crotch where she used the head to tease her pussy lips before sticking it inside, much to Bruce’s delight.

Bruce eagerly began to fuck Lucy; his wet body was soon grinding tightly against her curves. “Why this hurry?” he asked curious and kissed her luscious red lips.

“Well, for one, I want to go out and participate in the festival… And this year I want you to find me a hot prey that I can use to fill my butt with… Last year you stuffed yourself so full that you didn’t have the strength to have properly sex with me afterwards!” Lucy answered.

Bruce grunted an apology, but Lucy just ignored it, “There is one more thing though,” she added. “My sister is coming to visit me today. I haven’t seen her in years. She is close to me though and decided to surprise me with a visit, if you care to come you will probably recognize her immediately since we look quite similar… Her name is… Aylar.”

Bruce’s eyebrows rose significant at the unexpected revelation, but couldn’t hold back as his body began to spasm in ecstasy from their intimate session. The huge orgasm was impossible to hold back and with a roar he sent a huge load of hot, slimy cum deep inside Lucy’s pussy, making her whimper in euphoria and bang her hands against the wall in raw pleasure and made an echoing sound in the shower.

“I think she just came….” he groaned.

Story by Oberon
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (5100x3300)

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