OnlyVore 2: The Friend Plan

A week had passed since Gina devoured the three males and they had been completely digested. Gina was laying on her couch, looking through her messages since now she is getting more popular. She was getting hundreds of requests each day and she was constantly turning them down because no one is meeting her requirements.

She sighed out of boredom; after the huge offer from the previous week, nothing seemed up to her standards anymore. After two more hours of reading emails, an email came in from a college student asking if she was willing to eat him and his friend group.

Shocked and very curious, she asked him how many people in his group and he responded with “There are Five of us; including myself and the dog.”

“Dog?” Gina spoke out loud in confusion. She had never eaten a live animal before… It certainly sounded interesting enough. She agreed to do it.

“Great!” He said, “When can we meet up?”

“Give me two weeks to get ready! You all are going to be a big meal!

After two weeks, Gina arrived at their shared home and greeted the entire group; as stated before, there were six of them total; two handsome young men, three beautiful ladies and a large, particularly friendly dog.

“Well… Why did y’all want me to eat you?”

One of the young men spoke up quickly, revealing himself to be a fan of Gina’s and began to describe how much he enjoyed her last video before revealing that it was his birthday today and his friends had agreed; all of them being eaten would be the perfect gift for him and they had no qualms about it.

Gina blushed at the story, “That’s kinda cute. Do you mind if I live stream this?” and the friends agreed without hesitation and even began to help her set up the equipment, during which time, Gina made a post on her OnlyVore page about the upcoming event
‘Huge Meal: The Friend Plan! Five friends in one go!’ read the title and within minutes she was already getting double the views on the stream before it even began.

While the friends were getting ready by stripping down, Gina wondered what to wear before turning to the birthday boy and asking for his opinion.

“Ooh.” He excited nodded his head, “Do you have a blue bikini? I think you’d look great eating us in one.”

“Of course!” she replied happily.

“Also…” The Lad paused for a moment, “Could I be eaten last?”

Gina smiles and winked at him, “Yes, you can.” One final gift for him.

Soon all the friends were lined up in the living room. Gina looked at them eagerly; how tasty they looked and how full her belly going to be… She felt a little nervous about eat this many people at once.

Gina look at the friends casually, “Well… Who’s first?”
Before anyone could say anything, the dog ran up to her again and began licking her eagerly. Gina laughed lightly, “I guess we have a volunteer!” and the dog barked happily, wagging his tail.
She quickly picks up the dog and licked her lips. “Here goes nothing!” she thought as she opened her mouth and slowly put the dog in. She slowly shoved it to the back of her throat, taking big gulps as the friends watched with amazement. Gina’s mouth quickly closed up around the dog’s tail and it slowly slid down to her belly.

Gina let out a light burp and pats her newly swollen big belly, feeling the dog squirm inside her playfully before looking at the friends, “Would you all like to feel my belly?”

Without hesitating, they all rushed forward and started poking and rubbing her belly as the dog moves around in. Some of them put their ears to her gut to hear the muffled barks before Gina shook her belly lightly to calm the dog down.

One of the girls seemed particularly excited by this and quickly put herself forward, while Gina got down on her knees, resting her large gut on the floor, “Its easier for me like this.” Gina explained,

“The dog is pretty heavy, and it’ll be easier to swallow all of you like this too.”

Gina grabbed the girl by her face and shoved her into her mouth, wasting no time at all. It only took 5 gulps and Gina was half way through the girl, but apparently that was taking too long, because the second Lad approached from behind and began to shove his friend deeper inside Gina’s belly. With one final gulp, the girl’s legs vanished from view and he felt Gina’s neck as the girl slide down slowly.

Gina let out another burp and grinned at the boy before grabbing him and shoving him into her mouth. He could barely register any shock because of how fast she was. The other friends watched in awe as Gina swallowed, like some gorgeous humanoid snake; her belly expanding to accommodate her third meal.

She let out a heavy gasp as the Lad settled in her gut, her tongue sticking out as she panted heavily. She rubbed her huge swollen belly before the other friends moved forward to help her; hugging and massaging her belly, and offering a moment of respite.

“Hey.” One of the ladies spoke up, before throwing her arm around the other lady, “Can you eat me and my girlfriend together?”
Gina let out a tired laugh, “No way. I don’t even know if I could handle it.”

“I’ll bet you could.”

“Not happening.”

“Your viewers seem to disagree?”

Gina glanced at the live-chat and blinked. Dozens of tips were rolling in; some of theme exceeding hundreds of dollars, to see the two beautiful lovers get eaten together. Gina felt sweat bead on her forehead before shrugging, “Well… I guess, I can’t let my fans down. Hug each other as tight as you can, and maybe we can make this work.”

The two ladies grinned and complied, lying down on a table and wrapping their arms and legs around each other as tight as they could. The Birthday boy carefully, supported Gina, helping her rise to her feet in preparation for her biggest meal yet.

Quickly, Gina shoved the two pairs of legs into her mouth and immediately began to wince. Tears began running down her face because of the strain on her mouth. They were almost too big.


She had to swallow slowly. Only a few gulps every few minutes. She had to take her time, to let the pain ease up otherwise, she was going to really hurt herself. Eventually, she reached their knees and she paused.

“I… I can’t do it.” the dark thought crept into her mind.

Then she felt some weird movement in her gut. The two friends from before, were grabbing the lovers by their ankles. Their voices, muffled from within Gina’s gut, speaking out, “We’ll help out!”

Immediately, she felt the lovers get pulled within her gut, with no effort on her part. She felt her throat loosen up and in mere moments, Gina’s mouth was wrapping over the lovers faces and with a final gulp, they were settled into her increasingly cramped belly.

Gina was panting like a dog now, before falling backwards on her butt, rubbing her massive belly as best she could. It was so big, she couldn’t even see in front of her now. She waved on hand and indicated for the last friend, the birthday boy, to step closer. As he did so, Gina blew him and kiss before grabbing at his hand and pulling him close before beginning to make out with him passionately. She shoved his face between her breasts and he began to motorboarding them eagerly.

After several minutes, Gina smiled to herself before whispering, “Happy birthday, sweetie.”

The Birthday boy looked up at the massive maw, wide open above him, dripping with drool before snapping around his face and beginning to swallow him quickly.

“Thank god, he’s skinny” Gina thought to herself, making quick work of him. It only took three loud gulps and he was crammed in her belly with all his friends, barely able to move, just like Gina.

Gina licked her lips before letting out one last burp and turning towards the camera with a wink, “Well, you guys know the grill now. If you want to see me Digest them, you gotta pay extra!” She leaned forward slightly, laying her head on her over-sized breasts, before slowly closing her eyes and enjoying the gentle sensation of the friends moving inside her gut. Gina slowly drifted off into sleep, a soft smile on her face and drool dripping from the corners of her lips as she dreamt of what amazing meals awaited her in the future…

Story by Glopez11
Artwork by SednaStudio-LWJ

High resolution (5100x3300)

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