Gina made her living by devouring people live on OnlyVore and selling pictures of her swollen belly. One day, a new follower paid her $500,000 to have her swallow him and two of friends. Gina thought about it, but eventually denied the guy's request due to the fact that she didn’t know if she could handle eating three people at the same time; she had tried two people at once before but failed.

But, the guy offered to double the pay if she could, and Gina got excited thinking about that; $1,000,000 and three meals at the same time! This time she agreed, and told him to fly out to her house, while she prepared herself by not eating for the next two weeks.

The day finally came. Gina set up her cameras and webcam for OnlyVore, while the three guys, fully naked, waited on Gina to get ready. Over 3,000,000 people had paid to watch Gina swallow these three guys. Gina began with a little strip tease, slowly taking off her clothes until she was finally in just her red bra and thong. Everyone heard her belly give out a monstrous rumble, now ready to begin.

Gina licked her lips and pointed at the first guy, who had black hair, brown eyes and a super skinny build. He walked towards Gina, who put her mouth around his head and slowly started to swallow. Five minutes in, viewers were tipping ten dollars at a time, all excited that Gina was already halfway swallowing the first guy. Another five minutes past, and Gina gave one big gulp, leaving everyone to see the guy fall and curl up inside Gina’s belly.
She let out a burp and rubbed her swollen belly, looking nine months pregnant. Gina then pointed to the next guy; a bald man who's tall build made it look like he worked out. Gina remembered the last time she attempted eating two people and failed, so she braced herself and took a deep, steadying breath.

Slowly, she began to swallow the second guy, and this time it took her twenty-five minutes to swallow him. Now with two full-grown men inside her swollen gut, Gina had to sit on the ground, with her belly almost covering her legs. It was so round and stretched you could see the two guys moving around inside. Gina already felt excited that she'd managed two, but didn’t believe she could eat the last guy. But, she didn’t want to upset her fans, so she asked for fifteen minutes to catch her breath. As she sat there, rubbing her swollen belly on camera for the fans, she slowly worked up the strength to continue.

The last guy- the one who put up all the money- walked towards Gina and asked if he could go in feet first. She was okay with it, so he climbed over her belly and laid down on it. Gina, already regretting the decision, began to stuff her mouth with his feet, taking her time. Her belly was hurting from being stretched so huge. Gina started taking huge gulps, and in a matter of minutes she'd gotten 95% of his body inside her. The only thing left was to swallow his head.

Tears were running down her eyes by this point; She had a feeling that she couldn’t do it, creeping into her mind and a sickly sensation like she'd need to throw him up was radiating from her stomach.. She kept her mind on the fact that everyone was watching her, and on the money she had gained, before she wiped the tears away from her face. With one huge, final, loud gulp, his head disappeared into her mouth, everyone watching him slowly going down her throat and entering her belly. Gina gave one more swallow, licked her lips, and let out a monstrous burp.

Now with her belly being three times bigger than all the rest of her, she laid on the floor, letting the camera keep rolling as she announced the preview of the digesting part will cost extra. Everyone tipped, and over the next four days everyone watched as Gina laid on the floor, rubbing her enormous belly as the three guys slowly digested.

Story by Glopez11
Artwork by SednaStudio-LWJ

High resolution (5100x3300)

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