Paranormal Consumption Agency

A young couple, James and Sophia, met online through a macro-fetish website. However, little did James know, Sophia was an actual giantess and part of a secret agency called the Paranormal Consumption Agency ("P.C.A." for short). Giantesses who consume evil monsters around the world, concealed from the public eye. Sophia was one of the brightest and most beautiful agents at the agency... but when she fell in love with James, she couldn't help herself and brought him to the agency.

This annoyed Roxanne, Sophia's boss and a much larger giantess. She threatened to eat James if he leaked anything, but decided to let him stay after seeing how happy he made Sophia. That said, the threat of eating him if he leaked anything remained.

What other secrets could such a powerful agency be hiding?

Story by MrSinister1990
Artwork by Vincenzo Pietropaolo, Slasher

High resolution (6071x8598)

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