Peak of the Ravenous Empress

“Ah, this was a fine meal indeed,” Zheng Jiang sighed, smacking her lips in satisfaction and relishing the combined aftertaste. The last of the wives plopping into her thick belly along with the rest, landing atop her husband. “But now, I feel in need of a bath to properly digest all of this, get one prepared for me,” she commanded to a servant girl, who bowed and hastened to obey.

Her belly now hung down to her legs, and the rolls of fat rippled as the five course meal within struggled in vain to escape their gastric tomb. It created flutters in the pit of her gut and also aroused her intensely, her nipples hardening as she spoke. Heaving herself from her dais, the empress began to walk down the steps and out of the room, her immensity quaking and jiggling, her gut swaying. The servant girls removed her clothes as she entered her bathing chamber, revealing her immense bulk and still desirable figure, along with the struggling figures of her meals.

Zheng Jiang carefully lowered herself into the wonderful heat of the water, letting out a sigh of contentment as she sank in up to her shoulders, relishing the warmth. Her belly let out a resounding gurgle, and her meal’s struggles redoubled, digestion beginning in full. The two kings and their wives, constricted by the slimy, gastric chamber, felt tingling all over their body as acids began to flow, a feeling which soon turned to burning, along with even more oppressive heat, the stomach juices beginning to pool at the base of the gut and rise. They kicked and punched with all their might, yet all this did was provide their killer with additional pleasure. For within hours, they would be a bowel movement.

“Well? Attend me.” Zheng Jiang called out to a pair of female servants, one of whom had enjoyed watching her devouring her prey earlier. The girls got into the bath and began to scrub every inch, every crevice of their mistress’s body. A difficult task as they had to get under every inch of flab and fat. The girls could feel keenly every struggle of the people inside Zheng Jiang, as well as hear their screams, though muffled under her fat and the gurgles of the gut.

“Ah, excellent, keep up the good work, girls.” The empress, feeling soothed, knew digestion was accelerated greatly by both the bath and rubbing, and within minutes, her prey had gone still, now a thick soup inside her gut. She enjoyed longer baths, and knew it would take a few hours before they reached the end of their journey, but the stomach emptied, pushing the chyme into her intestines.

Zheng Jiang’s privy was just off her bath, and a good thing too. The servant girl with short hair and a round face, the one who possessed an unrequited love for her empress, pressed down on the lower stomach by accident, and bubbles rose in the bath abruptly. Zheng Jiang simply let out a chuckle, the servant girl trying her best to hide her arousal, even in such crass matters. Luckily, the smell would not be detectable.

Story written by Hoboman at Eka's Portal

Story by miner249er
Artwork by SednaStudio-Seneca

High resolution (3300x5100)

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