Pebbelz Da Vore Model

Tired and hungry, Pebbelz sat feeling her stomach grumble and moan for food as her stylist continues to apply makeup. Modelling was already hard enough, but with the recent rise of models eating other women to gain an advantage it had become that much worse.

Pebbelz wasn't a big woman by any means. Standing at 5'5 and weighing 140 pounds, she paled in comparison to the new models coming out of the blue. Most were twice her height and weight, but just as (or more) curvaceous than she was. "Vore Models" is what the new breed of women called themselves. They wore the title proudly and ate any women they thought would enhance their chances of being the next big thing. For women like Pebbelz, business was slow and nobody wanted to see average-sized women anymore.

Another loud groan came from Pebbelz's stomach, signalling that she needed food as soon as possible. Skipping breakfast and running on an empty stomach to keep her tummy flat for her shoot was weighing its toll. She was becoming hungrier and agitated every minute she went without food. Although her makeup was finished, Pebbelz knew her stylist wouldn't let her eat anything for fear of her ruining her face. However, she asked anyway. It couldn't hurt to try.

In this case, it would've been within the stylist's best interests to say yes. As soon as she told Pebbelz "no" (with her usual bit of scolding about eating beforehand), she put herself in a rather tight, warm, and gastric position. The stylist was a rather shapely woman herself, with a body that was almost exactly the same as Pebbelz: slim with a large, enhanced booty. Too bad her enhancement only made her look more delicious to her last client ever. Her cocoa butter lotion with strawberry perfume only made matters worse as Pebbelz's hunger and frustration took over.

After all was said and done, Pebbelz felt fuller than she had ever felt in her entire life with a belly full of 150 pounds of woman meat. Her belly groaned and churned, finally sated with such a large and unusual meal. The movement inside her belly felt like an internal massage... well, except for the occasional pain from harsh indigestion. Pebbelz felt her belly tighten around its food only to be shoved back out slightly in a useless attempt by its occupant to escape.

The stylist attempted to push and kick the stomach sack she was tightly compacted in, only for the sack to tighten more and more around her shapely body, cutting off her oxygen while constricting her movements. Tears, snot, and saliva mixed with stomach acid ran down the stylist’s face as she began to scream and plead incoherently with her captor.

Pebbelz leaned against the wall to gain some balance and reflect on what she had done. She stared as her once small and flat stomach, now large and bulged from the woman stuffed inside. Pebbelz watched in awe and wonder as the shape of her stylist's mortified face pushed through her skin. The vibrations from screams for help mixed with the loud digestion gave Pebbelz a rush of adrenaline and ecstasy like she had never known. There was no way this woman was leaving Pebbelz's belly alive.

Pebbelz knew that if she could eat a woman the same size as her, she could do more. Once digested, her body would grow... and so would her modelling career. A devious smirk came across her face as she began to embrace the manic pleading and struggles for survival within her large stomach. Licking her lips and releasing a roaring belch, Pebbelz thought about who else she could eat and digest for her own gain.

That was when she remembered that the Lethal Lady and Ms. Vore would be coming to her city in a few weeks. With a smirk, Pebbelz realized that this was only the beginning.

Story by Pusheen
Artwork by SednaStudio-Dai

High resolution (3300x5100)

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