Power Stomach

After a long day at work, Karen Starr (better known as Power Girl) decided to have a quiet flight to her favourite bistro in Metropolis. Work had taken all of her attention that day and she'd forgotten to eat lunch.

Suddenly, a bank alarm began to sound off in the distance. Putting aside her meal with a sigh, the heroine changed course towards the sounding alarm. Arriving on the scene seconds later, Karen had the situation explained to her by the arriving officers. Apparently, five people had robbed the bank and taken hostages.

Power Girl looked down to her grumbling stomach and immediately knew how to handle the bank robbers.

The police stood outside in silence as she purposefully strutted into the building. As soon as the doors closed behind her, that silence was broken by frantic gunshots and multiple screams. Then the silence returned... followed by a burp loud enough to physically rattle every window in the building.

Moments later, the doors swung open and out walked Power Girl, the famous heroine now sporting a gut several times her original size.

Flying up into the air, Power Girl waved the officers goodbye as she left to digest her lunch.

Story by snoup77
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (3436x4890)

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