Pregnancy Cravings Can Be a Pain

It couldn't be a worse time for Rebecca's cravings to kick in. They had been bad so far due to her twins, but not as bad as they had been just now. Not only had she just taken out the knife to cut the cake, it hadn't even touched the first layer of frosting before Rebecca had decided to chow down, dropping the knife and scooping it up off its tray and swallowing down the six layered cake meant for the whole party in the blink of an eye. Not exactly an easy feat to begin with, but she didn't stop there. She began scooping up the gifts and appetizers at the nearby table. She shoved them down her throat one after another with large gulps, as she neared the end of the dining table where the appetizers had been placed and inadvertently approached a guest who had strayed too close to her feeding frenzy...

"Becca!" The good friend called out, putting her hands on her hips as Rebecca dumped the last of a food tray (as well as the tray itself) down her throat. "You gotta stop, girl! I know that it can get a little wild when the cravings kick in, but you gotta resist 'em! We all gotta eat here, not just you!" She puffed out her chest to the shorter girl in her effort to make her stop.

Rebecca looked up at her larger friend, a good foot taller than her, as her hand gingerly stroked the large, stuffed belly of hers that was now nearly touching the floor. She thought for a moment, then her eyes welled with tears as she realized what she had looked like at her own baby shower in front of all her friends. Rebecca raised her arms upwards to signal her need for a good faith hug. As the larger woman leaned down to hug her friend, Rebecca's belly growled for something more substantial, something larger than appetizers... something... closer.

Rebecca couldn't hold back as she seized the back of her friend's head, cramming it into her mouth. With a long and arduous amount of effort, she choked her way past her friend's meaty breasts, large potbelly, and jiggling thighs. Rebecca let out a soft burp as those dainty feet disappeared down her throat, licking her lips from the sweet taste of the woman's perfume. As she slowly locked eyes with the rest of her plump friends, she realized they were always taller... larger... fatter. Until now that is, as she stepped toward the nearest two of her dumbfounded onlookers (a few friends from college, from what she remembered) and they went down faster than the first, one after the other as the hunger from within her growled for more.

After the second and third acts of gluttony, the others caught on, scampering away to the doors... only to find them locked from one of the games they had played earlier! As the short, gluttonous hostess with slowly expanding curves made her way towards them, the front of her shirt began to tear upwards from the growth of her belly. A deep rumbling grew within her, gnawing to fill her ever-expanding waistline, as she made her way to the fat sows she no longer saw as friends... but as a filling meal.

Story by MagusVM
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2025x3213)

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