Nick was starving. Someone at work had stolen his lunch and he had just had to pull a double shift at the Plant. Luckily, there were showers at the Plant, so he wouldn't smell like chemicals walking into a diner in the middle of nowhere at 2AM.

A waitress skipped up to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek, "Hi hun! Booth?"

"I'll need more room to grow today..." Nick replied, "Get me the house special would ya?"

"You got it!" the waitress winked as she slipped into the back.

Nick sat at the counter on a spinning stool, spinning himself around to face the door. He heard a familiar voice from behind the counter. "Lean back and open wide, hun!"

Nick did as he was told and watched the waitress lift a trucker who was bound in smooth rope. In a single effortless movement, the trucker's head disappeared into Nick's mouth. Once the trucker's shoulders were in his mouth, Nick leaned forward and forced the fat trucker into his gut.

"Yum! How did you prepare him?" Nick asked rubbing his belly.

"That's a secret, sweetie," she said winking, "Now, bottoms up! We can't have his wife blabbing on us!" She plopped an unconscious rotund woman on the counter.

"I stuffed this bitch like a thanksgiving turkey... literally." she said, batting the woman's bloated belly. Nick eagerly opened his mouth at the edge of the counter and the hostess shoved the lady down into the abyss.

"Ten more fatally curious souls. We got a BIG haul tonight!" The hostess said as she bit her lip. Nick had never been more grateful for his weird ability than he was right now. Avoided becoming a psycho's next victim, getting a smoking hot sadist as a girlfriend AND getting to vore people on the regular to help dispose of evidence!

"This is way more fun and tons hotter than just dumping the bodies randomly. Open wide!"

Story by iron-ninja327
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2068x3150)

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