Shepherdess' Pie

I was having a nice day tending to my lovely flock of sheep-girls when I was interrupted by heavy tremors. A giantess had come to visit! This was bad. This was very bad! As friendly as they looked, giantesses were voracious predators to humankind. I ran for my life, but I was too slow. The last thing I saw before the lights went dark was the gigantic hand reaching for me... and my sheep-girls.

We were stuffed inside what looked to be a leather pouch before the giantess walked off with us to take us to our fate... whatever it may be. Her stomach gurgles on her way to her home, and I could hear the cries of several people inside. Goddesses only know what she ate. Her hand returns to the pouch, and I yelp as I am gently picked up. The giantess gave me a gentle smile right before tearing my dress from my body, leaving me nude. I try to cover up, but that just makes the giantess giggle. "Don't be ashamed. You have a lovely body," she tells me before placing me back in her pouch. I shiver in fear as she walks, moreso as she takes one of my flock from her pouch and, in a single gulp, swallows her whole. I faint from the shock as one of my companions becomes a mere snack.

I am awoken as I tumble from the pouch into a large bowl with my sheep girls, before we are drenched in something that smells like gravy. The giantess let us stew there for a while as she began gathering ingredients. My heart nearly burst from its chest. She was cooking us! Cooking us as though we were nothing more than food. But that's the thing... we were nothing more than food to her. She probably wasn't even going to spare us a thought after tonight. She pours freshly-cut exotic vegetables into the bowl with us and stirs us around, generating a panic in me and my flock. She pours the mixture into a bowl lined in dough before taking me out of the mixture. She scoops what looks to be mashed potatoes onto the mixture before sticking me in feet first. My toes scrunched in the mashed starchy mixture while she hands me my crook. I scream out as she sprinkles cheese around me before she slides the pie into her oven. I call out to her for mercy, but she lights the fire anyway. The oven was hot and uncomfortable... but it wasn't searing hot. It looks like she didn't make the fire intense enough to truly harm me. My skin was still tanning, and it would be dangerous for me to be in there too long, but I was happy to at least not be burning to death.

When she took the pie out, my skin was much browner than before, closer to gold. She began to eat her dinner. Soon enough, she captures me with her wooden fork and brings me to her jaws. I could see her sharp teeth, and they were quite intimidating. She sticks me inside and begins chewing the pie, using her tongue to avoid actively chewing me as I watched her pulp the rest of the pie. I squeal as she swallows, splashing face first in her stomach juices. I began to sob. It looks like I'm done for, and the scariest part was how there was not a drop of malice on her face.

Story by Soroxas2
Artwork by SednaStudio-LRC

High resolution (3300x5100)

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