The Aquarium Show

In the heart of a bustling city, there stood a place called the Sea Aquarium. Among its many attractions, there was a breathtakingly beautiful girl named Kada who worked as a performer. With her captivating smile and enchanting grace, Kada had captured the hearts of the visitors with her companions - four penguins, three seals, two dolphins, and a majestic orca named Orion.

It was a sunny day, and Kada and her companions were performing. The audience loved the show as Kada announced the final performance. The audience sat on the edge of their seats, jumping and screaming with excitement. As the music started playing, Kada took center stage. She smiled at the crowd, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. One by one, she beckoned her companions to join her, each animal taking their place beside her, forming a mesmerizing circle.

First, the penguins waddled toward Kada, leaping into her arms as she juggled them into the air. With her mouth wide open, the first penguin landed inside her mouth and slid down her throat. The crowd watched as she continued launching the penguins into her open mouth, her belly growing progressively larger with each flightless bird. Once she had swallowed all four, Kada rubbed her big belly and giggled, feeling them play inside her. The crowd cheered with excitement.

Next, it was the seals' turn. With their playful hums and joyful splashes, they slid in circles around Kada. She lowered herself to all fours, arching her back with her big belly touching the ground, placing her open mouth on the ground at an angle. The first seal turned into her open mouth and slid right in, easily entering her belly. It expanded, slowly pushing her off the ground. The next two seals followed closely after. Kada stood up as the crowd stared at her giant swollen belly, mesmerized.

Then came the graceful dolphins, known for their elegance and effortless leaps. As they arched through the air, Kada followed their every move, barely able to stand. With a wave of her arm, she commanded them to leap into her awaiting mouth. The first dolphin spun gracefully as it dived straight down into Kada's mouth. Then, the second dolphin followed, spinning and swimming down her throat.

Now with her massive belly resting on the ground, Kada continued. It was time for the grand finale. Orion, the magnificent orca.

Majestically, he swam toward Kada, his powerful body gliding through the water like a true king of the sea. As he neared her, Kada took a deep breath, readying herself for this splendid climax.

Orion leaped out of the water, his immense body soaring through the air before landing gracefully in Kada's open mouth. The crowd cheered as Kada completely swallowed the orca. She rubbed her colossal swollen belly, thanking everyone for coming.

Story by Glopez11
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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