The Big Gig

He approached her huge immobile bloat. He marveled at its intimidating size, her stomach had expanded more in length than width, easily extending out fifteen feet from the rest of her body. The swell itself lightly gurgled as it seemly tried to decide on how to proceed with the staggering level of animal meat inside it. Light blue veins were just barely visible while no other blemish marred the surface.

The smaller animals had been forced to the outer circumference and pinned in place by the combined nineteen hundred pounds of cow and horse. Huge sweeping curves and bulges defined the larger animals. After a few moments of inspection, the man followed the wall of flesh to its source.

Kendra hiccuped several times loudly as she lightly dangled from her packed stomach, her feet several inches off the ground. Her black sunflower patterned sun dress was rolled up and pooled on her chest. Blue stripped panties clung to her ass, clearly soaked with her arousal. She lightly traced circles with her finger tips, shivering at the sensation. Her face was a picture of gluttonous ecstasy, clearly the amount that was inside her was just the right amount to have her hovering between intoxication and cumming. The smell of her arousal hung in the air like perfume. She clearly hadn’t noticed him.

Story by Dreamender
Artwork by Bokuman

High resolution (5000x4127)

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