The Customer is Always Hungry

Jane was a very busy woman. Not withstanding her very active schedule she also had 3 young daughters to take care of at home, so she was always looking for an easy and very filling meal. When the new cafe opened up near her workplace she though she had best check it out.

Being a vore-capable woman had led her to find it hard to fill her increasingly heavier body. Sneaking the odd intern wasn't doing it for her anymore.

Arriving at the cafe, she was amazed to find so many women like her stuffing other young women into their bellies. The thought of a buxom waitress entering her own gut was making her hungrier by the second. Finding a aeat she was delighted when not just one but TWO large breasted women came up to her asking for her order.

'Oh, I'll have a large cappuccino and the both of you, I've been so busy I haven't had the chance to really sate my hunger.'

The smaller of the waitresses quickly sized up the situation and on her way back to the kitchen before the huge predator could grab her. She did, however, hear her colleague scream as she was pulled head first into the woman's mouth.

Returning she found that her colleague was now screaming and struggling in the hot confines of the customer's rather massive, hanging gut. Gently placing the coffee onto the table she politely inquired, her voice somewhat shaky, 'Will, that be all for today?' Her heart sank however as the woman looked her in the eye.

'I distinctly remember ordering two waitresses and a coffee.'

Her hand shot out and caught the waitress by the leg, lifting her up. Jane smiled before patting her belly seductively. 'Your friend hasn't been enough I'm afraid. Oh, please excuse me,' she exclaimed as a tremendous belch thundered past her lips, the former waitresses headdress escaping in the process.

Jane was going to enjoy eating here.

Story by darkflame8
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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