The Eye of the Beholder

Greetings, I am Okhazesa, the most beautiful beholder girl there ever was to exist, and don't let anyone tell you any different. We beholders are the pinnacle of the goddesses' creations, while the lower races are fit to only serve as food for us. I was renovating my lair with the disintegration ray in one of my eyestalks when I heard them... adventurers. These trespassers think it's their right to just come into any dungeon and claim the trinkets inside. I never cared about them as I do not use money, but if it's in my home, it is mine.

I saw a group of seven humans and elves traveling together. From the looks of it, they were a party of a monk, a barbarian, a scout, an archer, a cleric, a bard, and a mage. Normally, a party like that would be enough to deter attacks from predators, but I notice things most monsters did not. They seemed to have a decent amount of experience, but they were nothing I couldn't handle on my own, so I flew outside to confront the adventurers.

The battle began fiercely as I stared down the bard with my central eye, figuring her music would be the biggest counter to my eye beams, then let loose all six of my eye beams. The first struck the wizard, a shapely elven woman who looked almost as beautiful as I did... for an unsightly knife-ear. This one was a very special eye beam, meant for petrifying prey that I might want to keep as decoration, and I already had a spot for her in my lair. I heard the bard strumming on her lute, only to be confused when the melody playing did nothing to calm the situation. The second ray struck the barbarian, who was just as weak-willed as I'd suspected, immediately succumbing to my command. The third ray struck the cleric, drastically slowing her down, and I commanded the barbarian. "Restrain your cleric friend, and keep your hand over her mouth. I do not wish for her to speak." The barbarian obeyed, grabbing the cleric and holding her for me. The fourth struck the scout. It was my fear ray, to ensure the scout would run from me. While I disliked using this ray since it meant my prey would flee and escape, the scout honestly looked to be the least filling. I would rather just let her go than deal with her. I had plenty of food. The fifth ray struck the monk, causing her to fall on the ground asleep, and the sixth ray hit the archer before she could fire a shot, giving me control over her body. I lifted her into the air, dumping her arrows and using my master manipulation to slide her clothes off of her nubile form and onto the floor.

I closed my central eye to allow my final ray to strike the bard: a paralysis ray. Well, I had three more eyestalks, but those were more for true rivals than prey... and these creatures were just food. The bard squirmed in her paralysis while I dragged the archer to my maw, opening wide. The archer pleaded for mercy from me, but I would hear none of it as I lowered her feet first into my mouth. I wouldn't regret it, as she rewarded me with some of the best tasting elf meat I have ever had. I had to swallow her quickly, however. The effects from my rays would wear off eventually. I looked to the barbarian.

"Strip the cleric and the monk," I ordered her, "Tie them up nice and pretty when you are done for me, okay? I want to save them for later. Make sure you leave your clothes with theirs." The big girl complied as I walked over to the shivering bard, licking my lips. I took her clothes off, still licking my lips while the archer struggled in my belly. I picked up the paralyzed bard and licked her, my saliva running down her cheek as she started to sob. I decided to let her off easy and started swallowing her as well, this time head first. I licked my fingers once I finished, while the barbarian came to tell me that she had completed her task. I smiled: I knew there was a reason I liked my charm ray best. I blew the barbarian a kiss while I hit her with the ray again to reset it, then used my telekinesis to pick up the wizard statue and carry her into my lair, setting her down in her designated place.

Satisfied, I sighed and sat on my piles of treasure while the barbarian began to rub my stomach, groaning and gurgling, churning around my dinner. It was a good day; I had breakfast for tomorrow, and once the barbarian was done giving me belly rubs, I would have her for dinner.

I licked my lips. I couldn't wait to enact my schedule.

Story by Soroxas2
Artwork by Bokuman

High resolution (3535x5000)

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